Grand Solmar Timeshare members  says it is very important to enjoy yourself when on a trip, whether it is for business or pleasure and you must not be constantly thinking about what you should or should not be doing.  Instead the tips below are meant purely as a guide, for you to take some points from and others to leave all together.

One travel tip that can be great for those with specific destinations in business using a type of high definition display conference room allows for a face to face (in real time) experience, which can also cut down on travel expenses, and the potential expenses involved problems from flights, delays and unsafe trips.

Grand Solmar Timeshare mentions to try to look as if you know where you are going, this may not be so easy if after all it is the first ever time in that country, but look confident as IF you know.

Grand Solmar Timeshare also, mentions that carrying maps around looking perplexed, and stopping to look at monuments or buildings, obviously shows that you are from out of town, and may attract the wrong type of attention.

Using travelers cheques, will always are helpful, as will using a credit card for any purchases made so that you can take advantage of the additional insurance offered.

Do NOT pull large amounts of cash out of your pocket.  This will catch attention, no matter what country you are in.  It sounds so silly, but it is amazing how many people pull out a mound of cash to be some small item. It’s seen all the time and it always amazes me.

Try to think about where you are going that day and carry sufficient cash for that and any unforeseen extras, plus a card.  That should cover all you need and will limit any losses if anything happens.

Do NOT accept drinks from anybody that you have just met, especially if in dubious surroundings or someone you don’t know, you never know what it could be laced with.

Try not to go on “wonderful trips” or to a “super shopping centre” rides with people who approach you in the street.  This could lead anywhere, and will probably cost you a lot more than by taking a normal taxi.  Ask your concierge or a reputable service assistant at your hotel if you have questions.

Grand Solmar Timeshare says to research your destination prior to travel will be extremely helpful.

Do not carry your passport around; leave it in the safe in your hotel.  A photocopy will suffice if local law states that you need to.

Most of all enjoy your travel destination!

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