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Grand Solmar Vacation Club is one of the top vacation properties in Mexico and prides its company on offering members and guests one of the ultimate places to relax during their upcoming winter vacations.

Their stunning Cabo San Lucas resort provides a fantastic chance to rest and rejuvenate unlike ever before.

These are all things that make this vacation provider one of the tops in the entire country of Mexico. During the upcoming 2020 winter season, many flock to the area to enjoy the warm weather and the scenic beaches in the area.

Snorkel Tours

Many people out there hope to explore all that is underneath the water in Cabo San Lucas but feel they lack the experience necessary to scuba dive or snorkel. You do need certification to scuba, but the good news is that Grand Solmar Vacation Club knows the guides on the snorkel tours assist even the most basic of beginners, so no one needs to have any apprehension about this adventure. Plus, getting to see all the unique animals underwater who call this area home, as well as the reef and all the plant life that is unique to it is impossible above land, so be sure to try this out for an unforgettable experience.

snorkeling by Grand Solmar Vacation club

Romance at Playa del Amor

One of the area’s most stunning beaches was named in honor of love (Lover’s Beach is the translation), and those who visit here will want to enjoy it with their romantic partner. Get up early for a sunrise, and plan a breakfast picnic for your sweet.

Lovers Beach, Cabo San Lucas

Relaxing at Grand Solmar

Vacationers will soon discover that while spending time at the on-sight spa, soaking up gorgeous ocean views as well as swimming in the lounge-worthy pools where travelers can spend hours enjoying themselves.

All this and more is waiting at Grand Solmar Vacation Club, so start planning today. We want all our members and guest always to have the best of times and take more and more vacations every year.

We also understand that life is short, and vacation time is not as often as you would like it to be. We want your time with us at Grand Solmar Vacation Club to be the best of times and will stop at nothing to give you the vacation experience you expect and deserve.

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