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There are several ways to reap the rewards of sailing this winter in Los Cabos.  When much of the U.S. is dreaming of warmer days, tourists who come to this Mexican destination can actually engage in summertime activities like sailing.

Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa recommends the following sailing adventures:

Day trips.  These excursions can go all or part of a day.  Going out in the Sea of Cortez and/or the Pacific Ocean will be fun, as there are many sights to see: El Arco, Playa del Amor, the Coronado Islands, El Chileno and more.  Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa urges guests to bring plenty of sunblock on these trips.

Whale watching.  December through March is the best time to see whales during their annual migration.  San Ignacio Lagoon and Magdalena Bay Whale Sanctuary are where many whales can be spotted this time of year.  Guests may see gray, humpback, blue and fin whales.

Sailing lessons.  Some tourists want more hands-on activities and less full-service; for these folks, sailing lessons can be a good fit.  Some local sailing companies offer lessons for both first-timers and more knowledgeable sailors looking to gain even more experience.

Sunset cruises.  There are few things more beautiful than a sunset over the blue waters of Baja.  Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa recommends this option for anyone looking to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary.

Snorkeling charters.  Sailboats can take guests out to notable nearby places known for prime snorkeling like Pelican’s Rock and Santa Maria Bay.  Boats usually provide all the gear necessary for this fun activity, so tourists won’t have to worry with bringing all of their own equipment.

Sailing can be an exciting activity, especially in one of the most scenic locations in the world.  And as Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort and Spa points out, there are many ways to take advantage of this water sport even in the winter.

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