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Grand Solmar Timeshare improves members website

The private member website is being revamped to allow increased usability on the web to assist owners.

Being able to find information online is part of life nowadays.  Members at Grand Solmar Timeshare Resort at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas are seeing added flexibility and benefits to the member website.  Initially, the website was created with basic information on the resort, membership and annual events.  However, based on feedback from the member base, the website has undergone a series of new additions designed to improve the user’s experience.  These changes go beyond purely updating the look of the site, and include an improved FAQ section, easier to navigate icons, updated images, and a calendar of events for Los Cabos,to name a few new features.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Resort is a leader in fractional and vacation ownership sales.  Members who belonged to the Solmar collection of resorts for years, and some began as Solmar members, added memberships at Playa Grande and are now enjoying the luxury of the Grand Solmar Resort.  Not only have these members experienced the wonderful changes to the properties and the resort collection, but they are now benefiting from a simplified reservation system and an improved member experience as well.

Many members of Grand Solmar enjoy fixed time, meaning their interval is the same week each year.  Although the dates shift due to the calendar, the time of the year is the same each year.  Many of these owners have been coming to Cabo for years, know about the activities, weather, etc.  However, for members who are wishing to try something new in a new time of year, or for members who have a schedule conflict and need to adjust their week, utilizing the internal banking system allows members to swap for another time of the year.  The new websites features information on how to do this and the calendar will allow members to select a new week and view Cabo events and historical weather to plan a trip around something of interest to them.

Grand Solmar Timeshare owners and members at Playa Grande Resort and Spa receive regular updates on resort progress and improvements.  This website revamp is one of many ongoing projects designed to make the ownership experience pleasant and enjoyable for the owners in all phases of the process, from planning and reserving to being onsite.  The motto at Solmar resorts is “At Solmar Resorts, it is a pleasure to serve you,”and this is true throughout the resort group, from the member services department to the food and beverage providers. Making agreat vacation for Grand Solmar Timeshare owners and guests is always the goal.