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Grand Solmar Vacation Club loves their Cabo San Lucas holidays and recommends it to those who want to enjoy a wonderful holiday experience. This last year has been a trying one on all of us. At the resort, we implemented the most state-of-the-art safety measures for your health and safety both for you and your guest and, of course, the staff.

Our health and safety protocols are the best in the industry offer you peace of mind that your stay with us be a safe one. It is now well known the Cabo is called one of the safest destinations in the world. With that in mind, we invite you to spend some time at your home away from home.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club anti Covid-19 protocols

Cabo San Lucas is a bustling hub for the sporty type. They offer many land and water-based recreational facilities, sports, cruises, and nightlife experiences for you to enjoy. There are beautiful natural wonders, culture, history, and attractions to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club guests find that the main attractions of Cabo are the sports fishing experiences as it is entirely world-class. However, the area’s must-see attractions are El Arco, the distinctive rock formations at the southern tip of Cabo.

El Arco at Cabo San Lucas

Though it is located at the southern end of the Baja, most tourists claim that it looks impressive and is the landmark of Los Cabos.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members know that Cabo San Lucas is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches like Lovers Beach, an idyllic picnic spot with its calm waters, offering excellent swimming and snorkeling fun and towering stone cliffs.

Tourists holidaying during the winter months can even enjoy a whale-watching excursion in Cabo, where the Grey whales start their migration from the Bearing Sea in Alaska to the warm lagoons of the southern Baja Peninsula.

whale-watching excursion in Cabo 2021

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members find Cabo San Lucas the ultimate destination for tourists who love outdoor adventures. Cabo captures the essence of the Baja Peninsula in its beautiful resorts, world-class dining, and outdoor activities.

Tourists can enjoy all types of water sports such as scuba diving as this is especially good in Cabo when you get to watch the sand fall under the water.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members know that Cabo San Lucas is a great place to spend time with family and friends, all because of its fantastic weather and endless beaches.

Cabo San Lucas has it all right, from its world-class nightclubs to its small cantinas where you can beat the heat and enjoy a lively nightlife experience.

ocean view

The best thing that all tourists love doing is shopping in Cabo San Lucas as it is considered a shoppers paradise with many duty-free shops that sell designer goods at low prices.

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