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Grand Solmar, the Vacation Club with luxury that has taken vacation experiences to a new level, is ready for 2021. The master-planned resort is perfect for social distancing since it was designed for space and comfort without having guests confined to individual areas. The resort itself is vast, with many places for solitude and privacy, yet some of our members would like to venture away for the day to see some of the local sights and culture. So this 2021 will be a new year with new adventures.

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Here are just a few places where travelers can enjoy exploring while learning about Mexico during their trip. One of the best ways to become accustomed to the town by visiting the famous artists of the area. The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk is an excellent tour for that, and travelers hoping for many memories of their trip may enjoy going on the Los Cabos Photo tour, which sets vacationers in the top sights for various pictures perfect for a scrapbook.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club reveals there are also many ways to go on an adventurous tour during a vacation in Cabo San Lucas.

One of the top ways to enjoy time is during one of the exclusive trips, such as the ones involving boating that offer many glimpses of the beautiful beaches that are within the area. You can take excellent horseback riding on the beach at sunset as well for all those hoping to experience something one of a kind.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Explores Cabo San Lucas’s Natural Beauty (2)

Chileno Beach great for Snorkeling

Last but not least, why not go on a sightseeing tour that’s not on land? There are also opportunities to go snorkeling or scuba diving that allow tourists to explore the ocean. What a must-see for all scuba divers is the Sand Falls.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Explores Cabo San Lucas’s Natural Beauty (1)

Enjoy a nice Sunset Catamaran Cruise to see Cabo

A day trip to Cabo Pulmo is a great way to spend a day. It is located about 1 hour from Cabo on the East Cape. This is a Scuba and snorkeling paradise. Such pretty beaches with not many people.

Perfect for those who don’t want to be near others and are looking for peace. It happens to be the best spot for just relaxing and having a great time.

No matter what you do. Los Cabos has so much to offer. From Cabo to San Jose to Todos Santos, you can do so much without long drives. The places are safe, and no need to worry. Just sit back, have a Corona, and watch the water and the sights. Times are always great in the Baja. This why many have made their home away from home.

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