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Grand Solmar Vacation Club reviews the best way to experience the fantastic new FlyBoarding sport in Cabo San Lucas when visiting this Fall and Winter of 2022.

There are many significant thrilling events and activities for adventure seekers worldwide to experience, from swimming with sharks to riding roller coasters that soar above the earth’s surface at death-defying speeds. This 2022 season is for those who plan on traveling to Cabo San Lucas.


Grand Solmar Vacation Club Experience New Activities (2)


Remember that you want to do all the fun things at the resort. Yet so many attractions and other fun activities are all close by. So here are a few things you can add to your list of something to do while visiting Los Cabos this 2022.

Exclusive Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommends a unique new kind of thrill – FlyBoarding.

Imagine going out to sea and then being propelled high above the water’s surface, essentially surfing through the air. That is the experience that FlyBoarding will give a thrill seeker.

Our members explain that this new sport has only been around for a few years, but it is a truly exhilarating experience.

While buying a board is relatively expensive and requires special training for ownership, travelers in Cabo San Lucas can quickly try FlyBoarding. At Cabo FlyBoard, the only authorized FlyBoard dealer in Cabo, vacationers can rent a board and take flight.

Extreme sport and recreation by Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Extreme sport and recreation by Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Vacationers who want to try FlyBoarding will be given an instructor and a board and will get to learn some basic moves, which include diving beneath the water, hovering, and flying. Safety equipment will be provided, and flyers can also get a video recording of their unique experience.

Riders must be at least ten years old and require adult supervision if under 18, but this can be an excellent experience for families with older kids or groups of teens. This would also make a perfect destination for birthday celebrations, bachelor parties, or some added adventure on a beautiful Cabo San Lucas getaway.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Experience New Activities (1)

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Experience New Activities

Though the sport is new and extreme, with the help of the experts at Cabo FlyBoard, Grand Solmar Vacation Club believes that any traveler will be able to get the hang of it and enjoy the heart-pounding ecstasy that is created when trying out this sport.

They do not doubt that any traveler who takes the chance and tries FlyBoarding will be back for more in no time, so they recommend that those planning on traveling to Cabo San Lucas this summer book their flight today. To learn more about all the thrills and unique travel experiences that are to be had in Cabo San Lucas.

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