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Food and wine festivals are a great way to experience some amazing local chefs displaying their culinary creations, while using locally sourced ingredients, and of course, some great Baja wines. They are also a great way to learn about the culture and history of the region. There is a lot of rich history in Baja Sur, more than just fishing, partying and getting a tan! A great festival only about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from Rancho San Lucas, is happening on November 19th, Saturday in the town of El Triunfo. El Triunfo is a picturesque little town right off the original highway 1, which is the two-lane highway, before reaching La Paz. It is is a great representation of a colonial Baja town. El Triunfo has a mining history, when silver and golf were discovered, miners made camp at El Triunfo. The town sprouted up and grew. A small town still, the mining has long ended, but the mine tours, old mills, beautiful church and buildings are all easy to spot and great spots to tour. A perfect day trip, and with the upcoming food and wine festival, a perfect reason to visit El Triunfo and the surrounding towns of San Antonio and San Bartolo are not too far of a drive either.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Highlights Upcoming Food Festivals in BCS (1)

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Sabor a Cabo is another popular event that is now in its 12th year of existence. This year there will be two events to showcase Los Cabos chefs and their creations. The Sabor a Cabo Rural event will be on Sun Nov 24th at Los Tamarindos in San Jose at the organic farm and gardens. At Quivira on Dec 1st Sabor a Cabo will also host its annual gathering in Cabo. These provide a perfect opportunity to experience the flavors of Cabo and great live music and venue with friends and family.

If you are more of a DIY person, you know the suites at GSVC resorts are prepped with full kitchens and utensils. Between the local supermarkets and big box stores, you can stock up and cook at home, or venture out to the local markets and organic farmers markets and get some great locally sourced products for snacks or dinners. There are markets all around Los Cabos, and north in Pescadero on Sunday mornings. In Cabo, at the Pedregal on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and the large market at Las Tamarindos, in the same spot as the Sabor A Cabo November events is a great morning trip and spot to get some fresh veggies and treats.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Highlights Upcoming Food Festivals in BCS

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Cabo has world-class executive chefs, both on site at your home resorts, or off-site at their own downtown restaurants. There are also so many great home cooks featuring their creations at these markets and offering their products for sale for you to put your spin on them. All of this and more is waiting for you to geet out and enjoy and discover Los Cabos!