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Grand Solmar Vacation Club, a leader in the vacation industry in Los Cabos, can recommend Cabo San Lucas, and its sister city, San Jose del Cabo, for their superb culinary scene.

Long has Cabo been known for its excellent Mexican cuisine, especially those dishes incorporating the unique flavors of Baja California, but as the area has grown, so have its culinary horizons. Grand Solmar Vacation Club knows that dining is a significant component of the vacation experience, and can assure travelers to the Los Cabos area that they will be delighted by what Cabo has to offer.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club urges members to try some of our new dining features with some of the finest chefs and explore the gastronomical options available at the resort.

Lovers of Italian food will be pleased to find that Solmar features many Italian restaurants, of both the southern and northern varieties.

For those wondering, northern Italian cuisine utilizes butter and focuses more heavily on proteins like beef, while its southern counterpart more heavily uses olive oil and focuses strongly on pasta dishes.

delicious meal prepared by chief at Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Grand Solmar Vacation Club members will also be happy to find an extensive array of Asian cuisines on offer in town, including authentic Chinese food, exotic Indian fare, and many sushi restaurants that use the most excellent sashimi-grade seafood, caught fresh daily right off of Cabo’s coast. Nothing compares to fresh sushi and sashimi, and in Cabo, it’s as fresh as it can get. But high-end eateries aren’t the only places members of Grand Solmar members should consider when choosing where to dine.

Cabo San Lucas also offers many great burgers and other choices and Taco restaurants with some of the best fish tacos ever. These are excellent options for cheap and easy food that’s also beautifully prepared.

delicious food

In the end, though, Grand Solmar knows that people visiting Mexico are most excited to sample the local cuisine. Mexican food is known the world over for its rich, savory flavors, and use of bold spices. Few dishes in the world can compare to a perfectly prepared Chile Relleno or the myriad of sophisticated and decadent moles (sauces) the country is known for.

The culinary delights of Mexico extend far beyond tacos and quesadillas, and Grand Solmar Vacation Club assures that in Cabo San Lucas, travelers will be treated not only to the best Mexico has to offer but also to the unique flavors of Baja California. The Baja flavor is a bit subtler in the spice department, and instead utilizes the rich flavors of the local seafood, as well as avocados, in combination with the refreshing acidity of things like lime and red onion, to create a clean and complex flavor profile.

Visit Grand Solmar Vacation Club today and see why we are a multi-award winning resort. Once you experience Solmar, you can see why we are rated number one.

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