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Grand Solmar Vacation Club and Spa in Cabo is an excellent facility that ensures visitors experience and the very best in unparalleled privacy and a polarizing natural beach setting.

The following are just some of the Grand Solmar Vacation Club Reviews by clients.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Reviews (12)


The room offers you a fantastic view of the beautiful ocean and the environment is spotless. Not to mention how accommodating and well-mannered the staff are.


The first time vacationing in Cabo and we must admit that Grand Solmar set the standards quite high with their accommodation. From the top-of-the-range hotel maintenance to the serene atmosphere, not once did we feel crowded while there. We got a free show watching a school of whales jumping out of the water as we enjoyed ourselves lounging by the hotel pool. The employees were also receptive and helpful; ensuring that we were taken care of at all times.


Grand Solmar Vacation Club takes perfection to a whole new level with the excellent setting next to the marina on an amazing beach where we could see whales jumping out of the water from our room. The hotel is clean and tidy and so is the magnificent staff.


We must admit our experience at Grand Solmar Vacation Club was beyond what we expected. The hotel is immaculate and beautiful, and they have such friendly staff. This surely was a dream holiday!


A clean and serene environment that is perfect for a family vacation. The hotel is also very close to just about every attraction you can find in Cabo.

Maria N

We had an exceptional overall experience. From the time the staff took out our bags to when they placed us in our van, all we got from them was compassion and efficiency. The view from the room is spectacular, and the balcony is relaxing. We can’t forget to mention the sumptuous meal that was served professionally or applaud the 10 o’clock curfew which ensured there was deserved calm. This is a serene location where you can kick back and forget all your stress!


My second time here and the experience is as great as the first one! I would recommend anyone to visit this fantastic resort with a more than friendly staff.


I particularly enjoyed the seven pools in the resort, which means you can never miss a poolside chair. The design and finishing of the property are high-end, and the food, service, and staff are all fantastic. I had to get a membership card after all the fun I had!


Great accommodation; just a stone throw away from town! The sushi is wonderful and the service excellent. Despite our trip being interrupted by a family emergency, we had a great time, and the hotel credited us back for the last few days. We would come back, given the opportunity.


The hospitality here is top-notch, and we had a better experience vacationing at Grand Solmar than we had anticipated. The hotel is spotless with a friendly and accommodating team of staff. We came at the right time during the low season because what we wanted was some peace. If you are looking for a top-class hotel with unparalleled hospitality close to town, this is the place for you!


The most beautiful and serene resort yet! This is the third time I am coming to Grand Solmar, and it is always a joy to be here. I love the scenic views of the ocean and the relaxing beach atmosphere which is only a short distance from the marina. There are also many shops and restaurant around that you can sample sweet dishes and buy souvenirs. The staff is always willing to help and entirely on standby. Expect us back in future!


This was the most exciting part of our holiday. The resort is awash with all the comforts you can think of. The food here is delicious and pairs well with the impeccable service. We also enjoyed the daily dips in the pools and relaxing at the poolside with amazing cocktails on the side. The four of us fitted comfortably in the master suite with ample space to move around. We can’t also forget the two baths available to us. This is an excellent place that anybody looking for superior accommodation should come.

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