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At Grand Solmar Vacation Club, we love sharing content of the resorts, our beautiful destination and fun vacation stuff. But keeping our members informed and aware of all scams is very important to help keep your membership and your hard earned money protected! All of the major associations in the hotel industry have been working on a coalition to warn members about scammers and their updated scams. The entire vacation ownership industry has made this topic a highlight and a main focus, and warning members has become a regular part of email blasts and newsletters. Real estate scams are not new, the emergence of vacation ownership as such a major market, has created a tremendous benefit for millions of families, but has also created an opportunity for fraudsters to work on what they do best, scamming people. Here is what you can watch for and how to protect yourself.

  • Look at the email address carefully. We know you are busy, you have children, a job, responsibilities and sometimes these small details might slip by, but this is the surest of ways to be safe. If the email is different in anyway from the official channels, it is a scam, plain and simple. has the official email is fake is also a fake, there should only be if it does not contain that exact address forward it to to report it to them and stay safe.
  • Never send money by wire transfer. Solmar has hired a US based servicing company so that you can pay your maintenance fees by credit card, or check or deposit to a US bank. There is never a need to pay for anything in Mexico, other than your bar bill of course, at your home resort.
  • Solmar does not offer a rental service. None of the Solmar Resorts and Grand Solmar Vacation Club, do NOT offer a service to rent member weeks. So if you are ever asked to rent or resell your membership know before hand this is NOT from the resort and is most definitely a scam.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Scam Awareness Update 2

Be aware that these scammers are very well spoken, and have an extremely elaborate pitch and offer. Keep your membership data safe and secure, and do not fall victim to one of these scams. If something sounds to good to be true…it probably is!

Grand Solmar Vacation Club official sales and member services team are always available to answer any questions and concerns you may have, contact us anytime to help!