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Grand Solmar Vacation Club members use their ownership to visit Los Cabos year after year. They know that Mexico’s warm weather and beautiful beaches are extremely inviting to international travelers, which helps to make it one of the top places to be during the winter 2022/23 travel season.

Many want to be travelers who have not been able to travel for the last eighteen months, so warm and sunny destinations are where they want to spend their precious vacation time. Cabo San Lucas is increasingly seen as the perfect choice for upcoming trips, especially for Americans and Canadians. The many activities and exciting things to do in Mexico while on vacation are among the most important incentives for travelers this year.

Some of the top reasons to visit this premier destination in 2022 are the same as they have been for decades. Los Cabos is a popular destination for learning about the culture of Mexico and the country’s customs. The residents are friendly and willing to share their knowledge with visitors from other countries.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Discusses History in Cabo (2)

Travelers in 2022/23 are looking for more exciting things to see, like El Faro de Cabo. This famous lighthouse is over two hundred years old. Grand Solmar Vacation Club staff members share that this abandoned structure was built to guide ships to the port over two centuries ago and was in service until the early 1960s. International travelers still flock to this site to gain an insight into Mexico’s past and get great photos.

Also nearby, visitors can look into the past culture and customs of the country even further by visiting the Muse de Historian Natural, considered the top museum for everything local history. For travelers in 2021, Grand Solmar Vacation Club members know that enjoying time away from home and experiencing new and exciting destinations is a top priority. That is why so many people choose to vacation in Mexico this year.

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As expected, there is a lot to see and do while visiting the fantastic sightseeing opportunities in the area. Travelers will enjoy the diversity of landmarks, the beautiful beaches, and the authentically quaint small towns in the area.

Listening to lively music and eating traditional food here goes in hand. Grand Solmar Vacation Club staff encourage visitors to try delicious and authentic Mexican meal options throughout their trip. Seasoned travelers know that few places can offer visitors a wider variety of fresher seafood options than Los Cabos.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club is an upscale resort that takes luxury to another level. Located directly on the beach, the gentle pounding of the surf on the shoreline is soothing, and you will have the best sleep you can imagine. At Grand Solmar Vacation Club, your vacation experience is what we strive for every day. This is why so many of our members return year after year and why our resort is one of the most sought-after properties in Los Cabos.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Adventure seekers: Los Cabos awaits you!

There are different kinds of travelers. Some would get to the luxury hotel and relax, disconnecting from the world and enjoying their time alone. Meanwhile, others are always on the search for adventures that are both new and exciting to write about in their travel log.

Travelers who love the ocean will love Los Cabos. They’ll enjoy activities like swimming with dolphins, diving or snorkeling excursions or just enjoying the ocean. Plus, the destination has beautiful sunsets that travelers can watch from their boat as they sail.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Discusses History in Cabo


From mountains and seas to deserts and vernal pools, Baja is a land of ever-changing scenery with diverse flora and fauna.

You’ve been dying to go on a camel safari and see the stunning Middle Eastern scenery, right? So take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We arrange authentic camel rides that will help you learn about the fascinating cultural traditions of some of the most exciting places in the world. You’ll love seeing deserts, oceans, and private beaches–just like you’ve seen in pictures!

After a one-of-a-kind experience riding a camel, you’ll want to add these fantastic activities to your to-do list: bungee jumping, rappelling, zip lining at 100 km/h, and more than 1,200 meters over an impressive landscape!

Grand Solmar Vacation Club is the Top Choice

Los Cabos is uniquely situated in an ocean bay, giving it an endless list of water sports.

Sea lovers will head straight for the waves and the deep blue, while beginners can approach their first surf or diving lesson to get started. There will be no shortage of opportunities to try new things at Solmar Hotels & Resorts. You can even book your very first Cabo tour–a snorkeling excursion with kayaking and a boat ride that shows off the beauty of these Mexican shores.

As if that weren’t enough, history enthusiasts discover why Jacques Cousteau called this water «The World’s Aquarium» while they snorkel in Cabo’s famous waters.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Live Life in Paradise

Seeing the sun reflect off the water is an incredible experience. Sunset cruises are perfect for getting a front-row seat to one of the most awe-inspiring sunsets you’ll see!

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