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Top sightseeing and other attractions for those visiting Cabo San Lucas with Grand Solmar Vacation Club for a quick trip this 2020 season.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club is one of the leading travel and vacation luxury resorts in Mexico and is one company that prides itself on providing the best.

Its goal is offering travelers of all ages an authentic luxury vacation experience, something that many people only dream of. Grand Solmar Vacation Club is all about being the best and counts itself as a resort where travelers can enjoy top-of-the-line luxury with everyone who visits this gorgeous resort marveling at the high-end accommodations as well as the variety of amenities.

Grand Solmar sometimes knows people might only have time for a quick trip. Rather than staying home for the weekend, why not think outside of the box and go on the spur of the moment trip to Mexico?

Cabo San Lucas is a great destination to visit for those who want to have fun in a short amount of time still. Here are a few great recommendations for a quick trip.

Chileno Beach:

Home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, so it makes sense that spending the day playing in the sun would be the first choice for travelers who have a short trip. Even a couple hours swimming in the ocean and walking around touring the sights will give travelers a true feel for Cabo San Lucas.

Playa El Chileno Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. by Grand Solmar Vacation Club

El Medano Beach:

Always something to see and do. Lots of great people watching and a great place to purchase trinkets as the salespeople are always around. You can check out the cruise ships and rent a jet ski. So for a great little excursion not too far from the resort. This is worth the walk. The best part is that it is a great swimming beach with no undertow and is safe for children and people that just want to wade in the water and enjoy the warm sand and relax. Many little restaurants are there, so you can grab a beer and enjoy the sights.

Medano beach

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