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Grand Solmar Vacation Club, a worldwide leader in the resort accommodations industry, urges visitors to the Los Cabos area not to miss out on the many amazing cultural activities available to them during their vacation.

Southern Baja California has a rich and unique culture all its own, and Grand Solmar Vacation Club Travel recommends travelers make time to explore that culture in the towns of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo, and Todos Santos.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Highlights Relaxation in Cabo San Lucas

Of course, the most well-known town in the Los Cabos area in Cabo San Lucas. Famous the world over for its beautiful beaches, world-class shopping, and legendary nightlife, Cabo well deserves its reputation as a premier vacation destination.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Travel can confidently report that Cabo San Lucas has much more to offer than just the regular tourist trappings. One of the star cultural attractions in Cabo is the Pabellon Cultural de la Republica, the local cultural center. Located on Cabo’s beautiful marina and housed in a distinctively designed building, the cultural center is a local treasure. Grand Solmar Vacation Club reports that the cultural center hosts many exciting events, such as plays, musicals, and concerts performed by both local and traveling troupes, as well as exhibits put on by talented local artists. Also, in Cabo San Lucas, not far from the town center, visitors will find the Iglesia Catolica de San Lucas, a historic church built by Spanish missionaries in 1730. The old world architecture and historical value of this church will resonate with visitors, regardless of religious affiliation.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Travel also suggests visiting San Jose Del Cabo, just down the corridor highway from San Lucas on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula. San Jose is smaller than Cabo but still hosts many cultural attractions.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Travel highly recommends visitors check out the San Jose Art Walk, a weekly outdoor festival where local artists and craftspeople can exhibit their creations. Every Thursday, several streets in downtown San Jose are closed off to traffic to cater to the Art Walk, creating a fun and rewarding experience.

Grand Solmar also notes several other unique cultural and historical attractions in San Jose, such as the Plaza Mijares outdoor amphitheater, the old colonial Town Hall, and the early 18th century San Jose Mission.

On the other side of the peninsula, nestled close to the Pacific Ocean, sits the charming little town of Todos Santos. Known locally as something of an artist’s enclave, Todos Santos is a very laid back and easy-going community.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommends the town for its quaint streets, charming outdoor cafes, and stunning art galleries. And visitors to Todos Santo should make sure to stop by the original Hotel California, which, according to local legend, was the inspiration for the Eagles song.

The Los Cabos area has a lot to offer visitors, and while the beaches and shopping, the dining and nightlife, are all well documented, Grand Solmar urges visitors not to overlook the local cultural attractions.

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