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Grand Solmar Vacation Club suggests a day trip to this great Los Cabos Marine park.

Cabo Pulmo is the go-to place for divers and beach enthusiasts who want to enjoy deep blue waters with abundant marine life. Established in the early 1990s, the main intention for the development of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is to protect the oldest living Coral Reef across North America.

The goal was a success, and now Cabo Pulmo has opened its doors to tourists for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and other beach activities.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Suggests Snorkeling

Safety should always be everyone’s main priority. The staff at Cabo Pulmo are well-aware of that, which is why they always make sure all snorkelers wear a life vest before enjoying the waters.

For added protection, a licensed captain and expert tour guides are also on the boat – always ready to assist for your safety and pleasure.

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Furthermore, if the need arises and an oxygen tank is available onboard.

Booking a snorkeling tour will help you enjoy the beautiful Mermaid Beach.

The next stop is the Sea Lion Colony, and the last is the Las Navajas Reef, where you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of swimming with majestic manta rays. Although seasonal, the tour also includes whale watching.

The snorkeling tour costs around $60 if you bring along your snorkel gear. You also have the option to rent the complete equipment for an added price of $15.


Cabo Pulmo takes pride in many diving sites ranging from 15 to 100 feet. These diving sites include La Esperanza, El Cantil, El Isolate, Las Casitas, La Lobera, and the famous Mermaid Beach.

When diving into one of these sites, expect to encounter a school of Sardines, Bigeye Trevallies, Yellowtail Snappers, African Pampanos, Surgeonfish, and many more.

Also, brace yourself to see turtles, stingrays, and electric eels. When you are diving during certain seasons, you will surely be in awe to witness bull and tiger sharks, Mobula rays, guitarfish, and humpback whales.

This is why a famous explorer Jacques Cousteau referred to Cabo Pulmo as the “Aquarium of the World.

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The diving activity in Cabo Pulmo is not only for adults and professionals; children eight years old and older can take advantage of it, too. Expert divers facilitate the dive to guarantee the utmost safety.

There are many diving activities to choose from. In addition to children’s diving, there is half course, open water or the entire course, referral dive, advanced open water, and adventure diver.

Each type of diving lesson comes with different inclusions and prices. As a Grand Solmar Vacation Club tip, book a snorkeling tour or diving activity ahead of time. This way, there is a strong possibility you can enjoy a lower rate rather than making last-minute bookings.

Safety Rules when Diving or Snorkeling

It is undeniable that Cabo Pulmo is one of the best places in the world to swim and dive. While you and your friends can no longer imagine the excitement of swimming with amazing sea creatures, it is important to learn some safety tips to ensure a memorable vacation away from any harm.

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Expert scuba divers and tourists guides in Cabo Pulmo are aware that it is wrong to hold your breath while underwater forcefully. While diving, you should breathe normally and continuously.

The second tip is to always check your gear before the actual snorkel or dive. Remember that your survival when already underwater depends upon your equipment and your knowledge on how to use them properly.

If it is your first time diving, do not be shy or afraid to ask your guide about things you don’t understand.


The third rule is to dive within your limits. While there are many diving sites in Cabo Pulmo that are ideal for beginners, there are also those that are way too deep. Steer clear from uncomfortable situations and locations that you know you are physically incapable of diving. The last rule is to plan your dive.

This does not only mean planning the date but also planning the needed equipment and most of all, preparing yourself.

If you have been dreaming of visiting a gorgeous place that’s away from lots of people, then it is time you visit Cabo Pulmo! According to many tourists who have been here, it is worth the trip.

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