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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Why do People Love coming to Cabo.

Los Cabos is a magical place with crystal clear waters, warm sandy beaches, and stark desert contrasts. Located between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the mountain desert in between is called “Land’s End” since it is the piece of land where the Baja California Sur peninsula ends. Los Cabos’ unparalleled natural beauty and endless adventure activities, including exploration, relaxation, and luxury, beckon visitors to return year after year.

Los Cabos is comprised of 3 main areas. Nearest to the airport and the east is the quieter and quaint town of San José del Cabo. San Jose’s residents strive to maintain the appearance and air of an authentic Mexican village rather than a tourist destination. You will find a pleasant Art District in the historic center of town and many restaurants, shops, galleries, and a new marina in the Puerto area. Los Cabos.

Leaving San Jose del Cabo and traveling south is the 30 km area know n to locals as “The Corridor.” The highway along the Corridor runs along the majestic Sea of Cortez’s shores, where visitors can find many world-renowned resorts and world-class golf courses.

San Jose Del Cabo
Beach in San Jose Del Cabo

At the southern end of the Corridor lies Cabo San Lucas’s, home to lively beachfront bars, world-class restaurants, elegant shopping centers, and exciting nightclubs. The town itself is centered by the Marina that offers a wide walkway for strolling along edges. Cabo is also known worldwide for its pleasant and protected bay just a few blocks away from the Marina, where you can do all kinds of water activities from El Medano beach’s shores.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Why People will be Flocking Back in 2021

Cabo San Lucas is characterized by its luxurious offerings such as some of the most luxurious resorts globally, five-star dining, the Marina, the most expensive fishing tournament globally, and the unique rock formation known as El Arco. Whatever your definition of getting away from it all – hiking, snorkeling, relaxing on the beach or in a world-class spa, playing one of the highest-rated golf courses in the world, or fishing in the Billfish capital of the world, a world of vacation possibilities await you in Los Cabos. Grand Solmar Vacation Club is an award-winning, world-class resort that is the crown jewel in Cabo San Lucas.

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